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VMUG T-Shirts!

Limited run T-ShirtCelebrate community the KC VMUG way! The Steering Committee has decided to create a limited run of T-shirts (design at right) that will be available for pickup at the pre-conference Happy Hour on Monday, June 9th, or the day of the conference itself, Tuesday, June 10th.

Because this is a limited-run thing and we aren’t planning on doing a second round, we’re not going to build a custom storefront to sell them online. We aren’t shipping any, either; these are only for local pickup.

Getting one or more shirts is a two-step process:


  1. Place a size+quantity order at customink.com
  2. Purchase “tickets” for each shirt over at eventbrite.com


It doesn’t matter in which order you perform the steps, as long as you do both: if we can correlate your shirt size order at customink with ticket purchases at eventbrite, we’ll order (one or more) shirts for you.

We’re taking pains to make sure both the customink site and the eventbrite site remind you to complete the other steps, but it’s still up to you to make sure they get done.