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Call for Presenters!

The VMUG needs YOU!

Are you tired of going to meetings that seem more like just a vendor sales pitch rather than being a good technical presentation?


All it takes is some brave members who are willing to get up in front of his/her peers and present. If we could get more members that were willing to present at meetings, there would be less time consumed by the vendors. After all, it’s our meeting.

Any VMware-related topic is fair game:

  • Server consolidation success/horror story
  • vSphere feature demo
  • P2V or V2V success story
  • VDI implementation case study
  • Backup product demonstration
  • Management demonstration
  • Scripting tricks and automation jewels
  • Upgrade/patch demos
  • Something cool that no one else has seen…

Not sure if you’re up to it?

Consider this: it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. In fact, the simpler, the better. You don’t have to take up 60 minutes; even a short, 5-minute demo could be useful to another member of the group, making the trip to the meeting worthwhile.

The group leaders want to make your meetings a valuable use of your time; member presentations are a great way to make that happen.

Interested? Shoot an email to ben.clayton@kcvmug.com and let him know.

Don’t forget: public speaking is a great bullet point for your resume!


Join the KC VMUG!

Yes, it’s true: the VMware User Groups have a premium, paid membership program called “VMUG Advantage” with a number of outstanding benefits, while basic membership is free. Many VMware users might not realize, however, that VMUG membership isn’t automatic: you aren’t a member simply by purchasing software (or downloading the free stuff!), you have to intentionally sign up to be a member.

What are the benefits? You become a member of the premier user group in Kansas City, and along with your fellow members, stay abreast of VMware-relevant events in the area.

In 2011, the KC VMUG itself will present three smaller, quarterly meetings, followed up by an all-day, regional-scale meeting—with nearly three dozen sponsors—in December. In addition to the regular meetings, KC VMUG members have received either exclusive or early-bird invitations for allied events being presented by VMware and partner organizations.

VMUG members are some of the most desired contacts in the virtualization community. You are typically the “in the trenches” folks who are dealing with VMware projects on a day-to-day basis. You’ve “been there” and “done that”, and you’ve done it small and you’ve done it big. And you’re happy to share your experiences with your fellow members.

Join the KC VMUG today!